It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…

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I like to look at the start of each year as the beginning of a new book and each month a chapter of that book. Well 2016 has been a perpetual horror story with its own series of plot twists that I assume are designed to drive the reader into a madness that defies all logic. Today we start the final, miserable chapter.

Ok. Redo.

This is meant to be a cheery post after all.

We’re in the final stretch of the year and that means the holidays are right around the corner (and it’s we’re keeping track, we’re almost through with this horrid year).  I love Christmas as much as anyone (though Halloween is my absolute favorite) and I wasn’t going to let 2016 take that away from me. Granted I’m fully expecting the Grinch to show up and ruin it because at this point it just seems fitting to the theme of the year.

That theme is misery.


I’m going to fully admit that, while I’m posting this today, I pulled a Disney early last month and decorated on November 1st. Normally I wait until Thanksgiving but I needed the change.wp-1480644751211.jpg

I don’t typically do a whole lot when it comes to decorating. If I were in a house as opposed to a condo it might be a different story. I would totally be that neighbor who’s electricity bill rivaled that of the Las Vegas strip.

As I’ve settled into living in a larger space over the past few years I have added to my home decor but nothing too crazy. I haven’t done a tree in the last five years or so mostly because I don’t trust my cats with it. I’ve stuck to a small ornament tree from Disney that was given to me by a friend.

wp-1480641357728.jpgI decided to branch out a tad more than normal and created my own centerpiece for my table. This quickly brought me to change out my regular tablecloth for something more festive and I ended up redoing the whole kitchen table to fit the season.

Then came a small change in the bedroom. I’ve been wanted to buy some new sheets for a while and used Christmas as an excuse. I happened to be driving by Ikea today and figured it was time to bite the bullet. I was able to find some decorative pillows that I liked and snagged them. They bring about the whole idea of feeling Christmas without being overly holiday crazy. The new duvet is simple but versatile.

Basically I’m calling them Christmas sheets when in reality they are normal sheets mixedwp-1480641362031.jpg and match to look holiday friendly. I like this a lot better than spending a ton of money on specifically holiday themed sheets because I can use them year round and change them out. I’m already thinking of what I can do with them for Halloween.

Lemon seemed to approve and that’s all that matters.

That’s my horrendously boring post for today.

Let’s hope we can get through the next thirty days in peace and happiness.

Or at the very least, be as boring at this post.

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