Sometimes, You’re Not Okay… Like, Right Now

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​Moment of honesty? I’m not okay. Things have just been non stop lately and it’s taking its toll on me. It’s getting harder and harder to smile where there are so many tears being shed. I’m tired of seeing the news and fearing that someone I love could be hurt. It’s worse when I find out they have been. I’ve lost too many people I care about. We all have.

People I have smiled with, I’ll never get to hear them laugh again. People I’ve embraced, I’ll never feel their touch again.

My heart has felt so much fear, anger, confusion, loss and pain in the past few weeks alone. 

I want to pretend I have something amazing and profound to say right now. To say I’m confident that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel… I’m starting to think there’s not.

Stay safe friends. Please be safe. Let’s love one another as much and as hard as possible because it feels too much like our time together is far too limited.

Let’s keep looking for hope.

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